Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Santa,

Hi it's me, James. Still itty bitty this year. I'm as skinny as ever but growing everyday. :)

I've been a good boy this year. Yes I've had a few tantrums but what two year old doesn't plus I am STILL getting my two year old molars. They are a PAIN! I give mommy lovin's and hugs and kisses. I make mommy smile. I'm nice to my brother we play and have fun together. I do miss him though when he's at school.

A few things I'd like to tell you about: a guitar, a train set, some CARS toys would be nice.

Well I gotta get mommy to change me.

Thanks and Blessings,
James C.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Favorite Movie!

Is Open Season with Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher. Here's some video(s) as to why it is his favorite now. LOL


I love making him laugh. I'll have to go to the website and get some apparel and stuff toys of Boog and Elliot, although he still likes McQueen and Mater so all is still good with some of his bedding.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newest Words and Phrases

Phrases first:

wha is tat?
wha ye do?
tat one.

thank you
woof woof
titty tat

I know there's more... LOL just takes me awhile to think of them or awhile for him to say them again. So this will get updated when I know more.

He loves music and his riding toys. He also loves MOVIES!! Man this boy is crazy for movies. We'll watch one all day one day and then rotate it out with something else the next day. He got Open Season for his birthday and we've been watching it like crazy this week.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Year Photos

We went to Sears this morning, he did alright but man when he's done he's done!! PERIOD. End of story.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Boy!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY!! Two years ago today at 10:30pm you had finally arrived, I know I'm writing this an hour later than I should've but I was getting it all ready.

Anyway, daddy and I were in the hospital that night going through baby name books to come up with a name. We keep spouting off names to see if they fit and nothing would fit so we decided to sleep on it and then that next morning daddy popped off with James Ryan and it just stuck. You felt like a James just looking at you for the first time.

From this bulbous nose tiny little thing,
asleep after getting my belly full

He had A LOT of fun!! We did presents, he received a McQueen Pillow Book, Guitar just right for his size, some trucks, Dinoco McQueen Shake-n-Go racer, hot wheels, clothes and a 4-wheeler power wheel.

Here is the cake Daddy decorated.
Mommy helping blow out the candle.

Opening presents, although he would open then want to play with it and not bother the other gifts. LOL It was funny to watch.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Party Saturday!

Story and pics will follow, and then monday he'll be TWO. WOW Really already! ARGH


Friday, October 3, 2008

Two Years Ago

James was still in my belly. I miss those little kicks and punches yanno. I feel ready for another but I know we aren't ready financially. So here's to hoping that the Eleventh, James has a nice party.

We already have bought him some clothes, hot wheel cars, and a movie. We are also getting him a power wheel but haven't quite decided on which one to get him. Either the Ford Mustang, another John Deere, or a truck. Daddy is probably at his parents house figuring that out, hopefully.

I'm really glad though that I didn't have him on Halloween. My due date was the 28th and well two early is pretty fine with me, becuase after 37wks they are able to breathe on their own.

Anyway sorry got off track. LOL He is going to be a Bite Size Count for Halloween. Pictures will come afterwards.

Crazy how time flies when you have more than one child. I swear it felt like it was going so slow with Connor, his brother and now it's just zooming by.

I just had to get that out.